Tuesday, September 7, 2010

chapter six; part one.

"I'm leaving tonight at seven, you're gonna visit right?" Pat said over the phone.
"Of course, I just gotta get school figured out" I replied. "One sec, someones at the door" I continued as I heard the doorbell ring. As I opened the door, I saw Pat's face. I jumped into his arms and held on to him with everything I had. He was leaving for Chicago tonight for training camp.
"What are you doing here?!" I said, running my fingers through his curly blonde hair. He could really use a hair cut.
"You really think I would leave without saying a proper goodbye"
"Well.... almost" I laughed, then gave him another kiss. He came inside for a few minutes, then had to leave again.
"When do you think you will come visit?" He asked.
"A few days" I smiled, "I'll call before I leave the airport"
"Okay, see you then" He smiled. He started to walk away as I closed the door, then turned back around to my doorstep.
"Steph.." He begun. "I love you"A smiled spread across my face, and I could feel myself light up. The words took a minute to sink in but I finally got a hold of them.
"I love you too, Pat" I said continuing to smile. He moved forward and cupped my face for one last kiss. This made my surprise for him even better!

Monday, September 6, 2010

chapter five.

It has been a few months since the Memorial Cup. The London Spitfires won but only by one goal. I took almost all my stuff out to Plymouth and spent my summer with Tyler. Everything about Pat was erased from my mind, until today.
It was draft day, and Pat was going for first pick, alongside Tyler. I got dressed and followed Tyler's family down to the arena where we would wait for the players to be picked. The ceremony finally started and the Chicago Blackhawks had the first pick. "From the London Knights, we proudly select, Patrick Kane." As they called his name, my eyes found him and my stomach went weak once he looked over in my direction... This was all wrong, I wasn't meant to be here with Tyler, I was suppose to be here with Pat. I followed him as he hugged one girl, who wasn't his sister. It was the blonde girl from the game that night he was all over her. I kept my eyes on him, and I could feel the tears began to form, but Tyler grabbed my hand and brought me back to his focus. I put on a fake smile, and held tighter on to his hand. Nothing felt right about this. After Tyler got selected for second pick, I went out to use the washroom.
"I'm sorry" I said, bumping into someone. When I looked up it was Pat... "Uhh I have to go" I stuttered.
"Steph wait," He said, but I kept walking. I could hear him start to move across the floor towards me, then I felt his hand on my shoulder. I turned around and before I could say anything, our lips were brought together. I felt so right, our lips moved perfectly together. I finally pushed him away realizing what I was doing and saw Tyler approach Pat from behind. Tyler grabbed a hold of Pat and before I could stop it, Tyler nailed Pat in the face.
"Don't say anything. You enjoyed that kiss just as much as he did."
"Tyler, wait!"
"Don't!" He yelled, then he was gone. I kneeled down to see his Pat was okay.
"I'm so sorry" I said helping him up, "Come with me" I linked my arm with his as he held his one eye with his other hand. I brought him down to the locker rooms, which we were able to get into now that Pat was in the NHL. He sat on one of the massage tables as I handed him an ice pack, then turned back to the door to leave.
"Don't go"
"I have to go find Tyler"
"Steph, -- "
"Pat you cheated on me! Why wouldn't I want to walk out on you, I shouldn't even be here. I should have never came and this wouldn't be happening right now." I said before he could finish.
"I didn't --"
"Don't even start Pat, she's at the fucking draft with you."
"Would you let me fucking finish!" Before I let him speak another word, I turned to hit the wall out of frustration with my fist. Instead I hit someone.
"What the fuck!" I whiney voice yelled.
"Well, that always works to" I said laughing, "Serves you right to bitch." It was Pat's 'girlfriend' I had just hit and the feeling of punching her rushed threw me so fast I had the biggest adrenaline rush anyone could have.
She finally made her way to her feet, then pulled down on my hair. "Really, a hair pull?" I said punching her in the nose. "Stephanie, stop it!" Pat yelled, pulling me back. I got loose of his gripped and made my way past the slut on the floor, with a little kick.
"Pat, help me up" She yelled.
"Oh shut up" I heard him say back. A little smile appeared on my face but it was gone quick. I heard him calling after me, and I finally came to a stop.
"What Pat, what do you want!" I cried.
"Steph, look Tyler set me up."
"Ha, yeah blame him"
"It's the truth. She came up to me and told me straight up, but you saw to much before I could leave I guess, I had no intention of 'getting with her' or cheating on you. That would have never crossed my mind."
"Explain you being with her now?"
"After I left, she wouldn't leave. She hasn't been with me all summer, she found out I was going to the draft and told my sister she was dating me and got in here somehow. Steph, you're the only girl I've ever loved."
"You loved me?" I said softly, my tears were already falling.
"Always have and always will"
"Well, well look at the cute couple now"
"I can't believe you Tyler. You set him up.."
"Oh so he finally told you the truth. Yeah I did, I wanted you and I got you--"
"Well you don't have me anymore." I said bluntly. I started to walk away, and turned back for Pat. Just as I turned around, I saw Pat clock Tyler in the face. There were a lot of black eyes today. Pat finally caught up with me and linked his fingers through mine. Now this felt a lot better.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

chapter four.

"Babe, wake up" Pat brushed my hair out of my face and planted a kiss on my forehead. I sat up, and Pat handed me a cup of coffee.
"Don't you have morning skate?" I asked, taking the cup from his hands.
"Yeah, in like 2o minutes"
"Dude, you're gonna be late!"
"No, I'm leaving now. I just wanted to let you know" He smiled, and place his lips with mine. "I'll see you there"
"I won't be too long" With that Pat left to catch the team bus. I got out of bed and jumped in the shower. I blow dryed my hair, curled it a little then brushed on some make up. I threw on a pair of jean shorts, my favourite american eagle v-neck tshirt and my birkenstock flip flops. That only took me a matter of 30 minutes, which was my new record. I grabbed my keys and jumped in my truck and drove down to the arena. No one was there except the Plymouth Whalers and the London Knights, obviously. I walked down the hall by the locker rooms, on my way to see Pat when I was greeted by a tall, dark haired, brown eyed boy.
"What brings you back here?" He asked.
"My boyfriend" I tried to get around him but he moved in front of me.
"You mean him?" He pointed down the hall. There was a skinny girl with long blonde hair, pretty much hanging off of Pat.
"Uhh. No." My eyes turned and looked towards the ground. "I have to go" I turned around and made started to make my way out of the arena.
"Wait up!" I heard someone yell after me. It sounded like Pat, so I kept going.
"Hey" I felt a hand pull back on my shoulder and spin me around. It wasn't Pat. "Are you gonna be okay?"
"Do I look okay?" I snapped back. He looked at me with his deep brown eyes and I felt a little guilty for snapping on him. "I'm sorry, it's just.."
"Look," He cut me off. "Text me your number" He said writing his down on my hand. "I'll text you the address to my hotel, and maybe we can talk?"
"I don't know"
"Think about it" He smiled. "By the way, I'm Tyler"
"Nice to meet you Tyler, I'm Steph" I smiled back. I got back to my truck and let the tears fall. I give Pat the chance and he let's some blonde ass bimbo crawl all over him. I wiped my tears and looked down at my hand at Tyler's number. I got back to the hotel and packed up my bags but before I could leave Pat came storming in.
"Where were you this morning?" He asked.
"I got caught up" I felt tears forming back in my eyes.
"Where are you going"
"Are you that stupid. I wasn't there this morning because I saw you 'canoodling' some blonde bitch." All Pat did was look down to his feet. I grabbed my suitcase and walked by him tears falling from my eyes and slammed the door behind me. I threw my suitcase in the back of my truck and sped off to the arena parking lot. It was the only place I had to go. I sat staring at the arena for a few minutes then finally picked up my phone.
"Hey, Tyler?"
"Oh, Hey. Is this Steph?"
"Uhh yeah, I figured I would call instead of text" I laughed.
"Right, my hotel is about five minutes south of the arena, it the only one of the left, really easy to find"
"Okay, thanks for this eh"
"Yeah no problem" I hang up, and head down the road to Tyler's hotel. It was small, but very sophisticated. I text him I was outside and he came out and grabbed my bag and lead me upstairs.
"I hope you don't mind it's only one bed." He said.
"No, just no funny business" I laughed. He laughed too, then we sat down on the bed and I spilled my guts. About everything, he was the first person I actually did that to. Not even my friends back home got this reaction from me. I felt safe telling him this, his eyes made me melt. But I still couldn't stop thinking about Pat. But it was still game night, so I had to see him again but this time I would be with Tyler. He took me to the arena and I found my seat. Pat didn't look himself out on the ice. My eyes followed him around the ice until I found Tyler, Tyler Seguin. They were both the top players in the league, but that was beside the point. In fact that didn't matter to me at all. Patrick and I have always been connected in some way or another and I was starting to fall in love with him but that was hard to do when he was with another girl. Then there was Tyler, he was new and he was there when Pat wasn't. He let me spill my feelings to him, but I didn't know him well enough to have a relationship yet and I wasn't ready since it was right after Pat had pretty much cheated on me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

chapter three.

It was June now. The London Knights were in the finals for the playoffs, tonight was game 6. They had to win this game or it with go to a game seven back in London.
"You don't have to come you know? It's quite a ways to be travelling" Pat said standing at my bed room door.
"I know, but I want to. This game means a lot to you." I said zipping up my suite case.
"What about school?"
"What about it?" I laughed, "Pat, it's only a few days of school I'll be missing. Exams haven't even started yet." Pat moved closer to me. He pressed his lips against mine, then threw me on to the bed. He crawled on top of me, and continued to kiss me. We made out for a good 5 minutes before he started to undo my pants.
"Save it for the sketchy hotel room" I said sliding out from underneath him.
"Kinky" He winked. Then he grabbed my bag, threw it in the back seat of my F150, then met me at the drivers door.
"I'll see you there, coach is giving us a room to ourselves."
"Seriously" A smiled beamed across my face.
"Yeah, surprising eh" He laughed, then pulled in for another kiss, "I'll see you there, drive safe and try to follow the bus" With that Pat sped off back to the arena and I climbed into my truck. I took a deep breath before following him to the arena. We had 10 hours of driving to Plymouth for the game, I was not exited but if it meant being with Pat I would do anything.
We finally arrived to the hotel in Plymouth, I was so tired I could barley see straight. Pat met me in the room. Ironically it wasn't sketchy at all... It was the Hilton Hotel. I threw on my pj's and climbed into bed beside Pat. He wrapped his arms around me as I snuggled a bit closer. He kissed my forehead and before I knew it we were fast asleep in each others arms.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

chapter two.

A few months went by in school. Pat and I had been hanging out a lot more. We went to the drive in one night and out for dinner another, all as just friends, but we mainly saw each other at his games. It was New Year's eve and everyone was getting together at Kris Letang's house for the party.
''Steph, Pat doesn't care what you look like'' Ally shouted from downstairs, ''Are you ready yet''
''Yeah, one sec'' I brushed on some lip gloss and headed downstairs. I was wearing my favourite black dress and my favourite pink pumps which weren't too bright, but I loved for my shoes to stand out.
''You would be wearing that'' Gina laughed.
''You know me so well''
''Party started half an hour ago, let's go'' Christina said.
''Fuck yes!!'' Gabby screamed. We all laughed then piled into Gina's SUV. When we finally got to Kris's everyone was half smashed. People didn't take long to start the drinking, and since it was new year's it was gonna be wild. Just the way we liked it.
''Allyyyyy'' Kris slurred as he wrapped his arms around her.
''Where's Brent?'' She asked.
''Who the fuck careees'' He laughed. Ally pushed him off and went inside, where she found Brent. They left off somewhere together, and then Gabby was no where to be found... Jordan was where she went. Christina, Gina and I all went over to the drink table.
''Hey can I talk to you?'' I turned around and greeted Pat's face.
''Yeah'' I smiled. I looked back and saw Gina and Christina with too familiar guys, again from the hockey team since Kris was hosting the party, Jordan Staal and Eric Staal.. they would go for the brothers. I followed Pat over to where the tv was counting down the minutes until the ball in New York dropped.
''Whatcha wanna talk about?'' I asked him. He blue eyes, beamed down into mine and made me get all weak.
''Look,'' He started look at the tv then back at me. ''These past few months, I've really enjoyed hanging out with you. What do you think about the next step. I know I'm leaving next year, but I really think and want to make this work''
''Look Pat, I'm going off to school in Chicago and your going to a new city for the NHL...''
''Steph, Chicago has the first pick''
''How do you know you're going first! I mean I'm pretty sure you will.. but''
''Just give it a shot'' He smiled.
''....Okay'' I nodded smiling. The ball finally dropped and Pat pressed his lips with mine. Pulling me into him, placing his hands softly on my waste. His tongue made his way into mine and his lips moved gently across mine. I broke free for air and everyone around us was cheering for the new year, and this couldn't have been a better way to start the new year.. Even if it was just for now, but now was now and I couldn't let the future get in my way.

chapter one.

"Stephanie, get up now, you're gonna be late for your first day back"
"I know, mom I'm up" I yelled from laying in my bed. The first day back to school was the day I dreaded the most. Everyone had to look their best and for the most part, after doing this my whole life I could really careless. I wanted to just leave this city, it was like a run down Toronto but actually worse. London, Ontario was just so... blah. The only thing good about it was the hockey team.
I got up and straighted my hair. I had showered the night before so I would be ready to go in the morning. I brushed on some make-up, threw on my outfit, grabbed my books and headed out the door. I jumped into my brand new, Ford F150 that my mom gave me after my dad passed away. It still had his scent in the truck, which I loved. It was like he was with me everytime I went somewhere. I blasted the mix cd I had made myself the night before, filled with my new favourites like Eminem and Drake.
Once I got to school, I tried to avoid most of the people of course except my friends. Ally, Christina, Gina and Gabby. We were inseperable since freshman year. Ally met up with he boyfriend Brent Seabrook. He was one of the jocks, since hockey was a big thing in London. As we drew closer to Jordan Eberle, a new transfer student who just joined the London Knights team aswell. Gabby drifted off towards him, she was attached to him since he came here and vise versa, except they just wouldn't make anything offical... yet. It was just Gina and I left now. We walked to our lockers, and past more of the hockey team (which was really the only thing I loved about this school). Kris Letang and Alex Ovechkin started whistling and calling out like hound dogs.
"Shove it" Gina shouted.
"Fiesty kitty" Kris shot back.
"Ya, you wish Kris" Gina snarled, following behind me. Then there was Pat. Patrick Kane. He was the captain of the team and was called upon of being the number one draft pick in the NHL this year. I wouldn't admit it but I had a huge crush on him. The only people who knew of course were my closest friends, but that was it. Plus he was being drafted which would mean he was be leaving, no start of beginning anything right?
"Hey" Pat said approaching me.
"H-Hi" I stuttered.
"First day jitters?"
"Uh yeah, that's it.." I could heard Gina laughing behind and gave her a kick on the shin, but she continued to laugh.
"Anyways, I was wondering if you wanted to come to the game tonight? First home game" Pat smiled.
"I'd love to, but I really shouldn't" Hockey was mine and my dad's thing. After he passed away a year ago, I sort of let the sport go cause I couldn't bare remembering the fun times we had watching the game... they just didn't seem so fun anymore.
"Steph," He said, touching my arm. My eyes followed his hand as chills ran up and down my body. "I think it'd be really good for you to get out of the house, I know you love the sport"
"Just think about?" He said cutting me off.
"Alright" I said putting on a fake smile. Pat returned the smile, then continued down the hall meeting up with Alex and Kris.
"Steph, I think it'd be really good for you to go to the game tonight" Gina said.
"I don't know.." My voice drifted out, and my stomach got weak just thinking about it.
"Do it for Pat, he wants you there"
"Pat and me are nothing but friends" I said glaring at her.
"Cmon, you guys have liked each other since grade ten. Why don't you give him a shot"
"Because, it's too late. He's be leaving this year anyways"
"Make him worth your time. Trust me, you won't regret it" With that we headed to our classes. I couldn't focus today at all, I was too worried about tonight. Gina was right, I should go for Pat and Pat was right, I should get out of the house.
Finally the last bell rang, and we all rushed out into the parking lot.
"Steph! Wait up" I turned around and Pat's face was pretty much pushed against mine. I took a few hards breaths then realized his hand was cupping my cheek. I back away and turned towards my truck again.
"Wait" He called, "Are you coming tonight?"
"Uhh, yeah. I'll be there" I smiled, that fake smile.
"Oh ok!" He said excitedly with a big smile, then headed off. He was too perfect, he teeth were as straight as ever, he has the biggest blues eyes and the most gorgeous blonde hair. I shook my head and snapped myself out of the haze. I climbed into my truck and once again blasted my cd. As soon as I got home, I showered then got ready to go even though it wasn't time yet. I pulled out my London Knights jersey from the bottom of my drawer that my dad bought me. I pulled it close to my chest and gave it a big hug, I could feel my dad hugging me back.
"Where are you going?" My mom asked meeting me at the door.
"Hockey game"
"With who?"
"Well.. he's plays for them"
"Is that why he's in the driveway?"
"What?" I turned around and saw Pat's truck parked behind mine. "I'll see you after the game mom, love you" I said closing the door behind me. Pat jumped out of his truck with a smile on his face.
"You look amazing"
"Thanks I said blushing" I hopped in his truck and he sped off to the arena down the road.
"You listen to Eminem?" He asked?
"Uh duh, I love him"
"Me too" I smiled, but this time it wasn't the fake one I've been wearing for a while. It was real. I wiped it off my face and directed my eyes back to the road, erasing the moment. We got to the arena, I took a few seconds before I walked through the doors, but he took my hand and led me inside.
"It's exactly the same" I said. All Pat did was smile.
"I have to go get ready, you know where your seats are?"
"Yeah, I'll be fine."
"Okay, see you after the game" His hand dragged away from mine and I started towards my seats.
The Knights won, 5-2. Pat was two goals, Alex with 3 and celebrating like an ass. Then something hit me. I felt normal again, coming to this game and being back in the rink. It all felt so good. I went out to Pat's truck, and waited by it for him.
"So how'd you like it" He said approaching the truck.
"Loved it." I smiled. We both then got into the truck. It was a quiet ride home except for up rocking out to Eminem's "Cinderella Man", Pat's current favourite song.
"Well, here we are" He said, placing his truck in park in my drive way.
"Thanks so much for this Pat. It felt a lot better to be back there" I said placing a kiss on his cheek. I jumped out of the truck and a smile made it's way on to my face as I walked into the house. That kiss seemed to have felt just as right too.