Thursday, August 19, 2010

chapter two.

A few months went by in school. Pat and I had been hanging out a lot more. We went to the drive in one night and out for dinner another, all as just friends, but we mainly saw each other at his games. It was New Year's eve and everyone was getting together at Kris Letang's house for the party.
''Steph, Pat doesn't care what you look like'' Ally shouted from downstairs, ''Are you ready yet''
''Yeah, one sec'' I brushed on some lip gloss and headed downstairs. I was wearing my favourite black dress and my favourite pink pumps which weren't too bright, but I loved for my shoes to stand out.
''You would be wearing that'' Gina laughed.
''You know me so well''
''Party started half an hour ago, let's go'' Christina said.
''Fuck yes!!'' Gabby screamed. We all laughed then piled into Gina's SUV. When we finally got to Kris's everyone was half smashed. People didn't take long to start the drinking, and since it was new year's it was gonna be wild. Just the way we liked it.
''Allyyyyy'' Kris slurred as he wrapped his arms around her.
''Where's Brent?'' She asked.
''Who the fuck careees'' He laughed. Ally pushed him off and went inside, where she found Brent. They left off somewhere together, and then Gabby was no where to be found... Jordan was where she went. Christina, Gina and I all went over to the drink table.
''Hey can I talk to you?'' I turned around and greeted Pat's face.
''Yeah'' I smiled. I looked back and saw Gina and Christina with too familiar guys, again from the hockey team since Kris was hosting the party, Jordan Staal and Eric Staal.. they would go for the brothers. I followed Pat over to where the tv was counting down the minutes until the ball in New York dropped.
''Whatcha wanna talk about?'' I asked him. He blue eyes, beamed down into mine and made me get all weak.
''Look,'' He started look at the tv then back at me. ''These past few months, I've really enjoyed hanging out with you. What do you think about the next step. I know I'm leaving next year, but I really think and want to make this work''
''Look Pat, I'm going off to school in Chicago and your going to a new city for the NHL...''
''Steph, Chicago has the first pick''
''How do you know you're going first! I mean I'm pretty sure you will.. but''
''Just give it a shot'' He smiled.
''....Okay'' I nodded smiling. The ball finally dropped and Pat pressed his lips with mine. Pulling me into him, placing his hands softly on my waste. His tongue made his way into mine and his lips moved gently across mine. I broke free for air and everyone around us was cheering for the new year, and this couldn't have been a better way to start the new year.. Even if it was just for now, but now was now and I couldn't let the future get in my way.


  1. Jordan Eberle in maaah pantsssss
    Patricks adorable.
    keeepp it upp love! <333

  2. EEEEE!!!
    hahaha christina and i would go for the brothers
    loved it girlie!