Monday, September 6, 2010

chapter five.

It has been a few months since the Memorial Cup. The London Spitfires won but only by one goal. I took almost all my stuff out to Plymouth and spent my summer with Tyler. Everything about Pat was erased from my mind, until today.
It was draft day, and Pat was going for first pick, alongside Tyler. I got dressed and followed Tyler's family down to the arena where we would wait for the players to be picked. The ceremony finally started and the Chicago Blackhawks had the first pick. "From the London Knights, we proudly select, Patrick Kane." As they called his name, my eyes found him and my stomach went weak once he looked over in my direction... This was all wrong, I wasn't meant to be here with Tyler, I was suppose to be here with Pat. I followed him as he hugged one girl, who wasn't his sister. It was the blonde girl from the game that night he was all over her. I kept my eyes on him, and I could feel the tears began to form, but Tyler grabbed my hand and brought me back to his focus. I put on a fake smile, and held tighter on to his hand. Nothing felt right about this. After Tyler got selected for second pick, I went out to use the washroom.
"I'm sorry" I said, bumping into someone. When I looked up it was Pat... "Uhh I have to go" I stuttered.
"Steph wait," He said, but I kept walking. I could hear him start to move across the floor towards me, then I felt his hand on my shoulder. I turned around and before I could say anything, our lips were brought together. I felt so right, our lips moved perfectly together. I finally pushed him away realizing what I was doing and saw Tyler approach Pat from behind. Tyler grabbed a hold of Pat and before I could stop it, Tyler nailed Pat in the face.
"Don't say anything. You enjoyed that kiss just as much as he did."
"Tyler, wait!"
"Don't!" He yelled, then he was gone. I kneeled down to see his Pat was okay.
"I'm so sorry" I said helping him up, "Come with me" I linked my arm with his as he held his one eye with his other hand. I brought him down to the locker rooms, which we were able to get into now that Pat was in the NHL. He sat on one of the massage tables as I handed him an ice pack, then turned back to the door to leave.
"Don't go"
"I have to go find Tyler"
"Steph, -- "
"Pat you cheated on me! Why wouldn't I want to walk out on you, I shouldn't even be here. I should have never came and this wouldn't be happening right now." I said before he could finish.
"I didn't --"
"Don't even start Pat, she's at the fucking draft with you."
"Would you let me fucking finish!" Before I let him speak another word, I turned to hit the wall out of frustration with my fist. Instead I hit someone.
"What the fuck!" I whiney voice yelled.
"Well, that always works to" I said laughing, "Serves you right to bitch." It was Pat's 'girlfriend' I had just hit and the feeling of punching her rushed threw me so fast I had the biggest adrenaline rush anyone could have.
She finally made her way to her feet, then pulled down on my hair. "Really, a hair pull?" I said punching her in the nose. "Stephanie, stop it!" Pat yelled, pulling me back. I got loose of his gripped and made my way past the slut on the floor, with a little kick.
"Pat, help me up" She yelled.
"Oh shut up" I heard him say back. A little smile appeared on my face but it was gone quick. I heard him calling after me, and I finally came to a stop.
"What Pat, what do you want!" I cried.
"Steph, look Tyler set me up."
"Ha, yeah blame him"
"It's the truth. She came up to me and told me straight up, but you saw to much before I could leave I guess, I had no intention of 'getting with her' or cheating on you. That would have never crossed my mind."
"Explain you being with her now?"
"After I left, she wouldn't leave. She hasn't been with me all summer, she found out I was going to the draft and told my sister she was dating me and got in here somehow. Steph, you're the only girl I've ever loved."
"You loved me?" I said softly, my tears were already falling.
"Always have and always will"
"Well, well look at the cute couple now"
"I can't believe you Tyler. You set him up.."
"Oh so he finally told you the truth. Yeah I did, I wanted you and I got you--"
"Well you don't have me anymore." I said bluntly. I started to walk away, and turned back for Pat. Just as I turned around, I saw Pat clock Tyler in the face. There were a lot of black eyes today. Pat finally caught up with me and linked his fingers through mine. Now this felt a lot better.

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