Tuesday, September 7, 2010

chapter six; part one.

"I'm leaving tonight at seven, you're gonna visit right?" Pat said over the phone.
"Of course, I just gotta get school figured out" I replied. "One sec, someones at the door" I continued as I heard the doorbell ring. As I opened the door, I saw Pat's face. I jumped into his arms and held on to him with everything I had. He was leaving for Chicago tonight for training camp.
"What are you doing here?!" I said, running my fingers through his curly blonde hair. He could really use a hair cut.
"You really think I would leave without saying a proper goodbye"
"Well.... almost" I laughed, then gave him another kiss. He came inside for a few minutes, then had to leave again.
"When do you think you will come visit?" He asked.
"A few days" I smiled, "I'll call before I leave the airport"
"Okay, see you then" He smiled. He started to walk away as I closed the door, then turned back around to my doorstep.
"Steph.." He begun. "I love you"A smiled spread across my face, and I could feel myself light up. The words took a minute to sink in but I finally got a hold of them.
"I love you too, Pat" I said continuing to smile. He moved forward and cupped my face for one last kiss. This made my surprise for him even better!

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  1. Wow! I'm definitely looking forward to your next post.