Thursday, September 2, 2010

chapter four.

"Babe, wake up" Pat brushed my hair out of my face and planted a kiss on my forehead. I sat up, and Pat handed me a cup of coffee.
"Don't you have morning skate?" I asked, taking the cup from his hands.
"Yeah, in like 2o minutes"
"Dude, you're gonna be late!"
"No, I'm leaving now. I just wanted to let you know" He smiled, and place his lips with mine. "I'll see you there"
"I won't be too long" With that Pat left to catch the team bus. I got out of bed and jumped in the shower. I blow dryed my hair, curled it a little then brushed on some make up. I threw on a pair of jean shorts, my favourite american eagle v-neck tshirt and my birkenstock flip flops. That only took me a matter of 30 minutes, which was my new record. I grabbed my keys and jumped in my truck and drove down to the arena. No one was there except the Plymouth Whalers and the London Knights, obviously. I walked down the hall by the locker rooms, on my way to see Pat when I was greeted by a tall, dark haired, brown eyed boy.
"What brings you back here?" He asked.
"My boyfriend" I tried to get around him but he moved in front of me.
"You mean him?" He pointed down the hall. There was a skinny girl with long blonde hair, pretty much hanging off of Pat.
"Uhh. No." My eyes turned and looked towards the ground. "I have to go" I turned around and made started to make my way out of the arena.
"Wait up!" I heard someone yell after me. It sounded like Pat, so I kept going.
"Hey" I felt a hand pull back on my shoulder and spin me around. It wasn't Pat. "Are you gonna be okay?"
"Do I look okay?" I snapped back. He looked at me with his deep brown eyes and I felt a little guilty for snapping on him. "I'm sorry, it's just.."
"Look," He cut me off. "Text me your number" He said writing his down on my hand. "I'll text you the address to my hotel, and maybe we can talk?"
"I don't know"
"Think about it" He smiled. "By the way, I'm Tyler"
"Nice to meet you Tyler, I'm Steph" I smiled back. I got back to my truck and let the tears fall. I give Pat the chance and he let's some blonde ass bimbo crawl all over him. I wiped my tears and looked down at my hand at Tyler's number. I got back to the hotel and packed up my bags but before I could leave Pat came storming in.
"Where were you this morning?" He asked.
"I got caught up" I felt tears forming back in my eyes.
"Where are you going"
"Are you that stupid. I wasn't there this morning because I saw you 'canoodling' some blonde bitch." All Pat did was look down to his feet. I grabbed my suitcase and walked by him tears falling from my eyes and slammed the door behind me. I threw my suitcase in the back of my truck and sped off to the arena parking lot. It was the only place I had to go. I sat staring at the arena for a few minutes then finally picked up my phone.
"Hey, Tyler?"
"Oh, Hey. Is this Steph?"
"Uhh yeah, I figured I would call instead of text" I laughed.
"Right, my hotel is about five minutes south of the arena, it the only one of the left, really easy to find"
"Okay, thanks for this eh"
"Yeah no problem" I hang up, and head down the road to Tyler's hotel. It was small, but very sophisticated. I text him I was outside and he came out and grabbed my bag and lead me upstairs.
"I hope you don't mind it's only one bed." He said.
"No, just no funny business" I laughed. He laughed too, then we sat down on the bed and I spilled my guts. About everything, he was the first person I actually did that to. Not even my friends back home got this reaction from me. I felt safe telling him this, his eyes made me melt. But I still couldn't stop thinking about Pat. But it was still game night, so I had to see him again but this time I would be with Tyler. He took me to the arena and I found my seat. Pat didn't look himself out on the ice. My eyes followed him around the ice until I found Tyler, Tyler Seguin. They were both the top players in the league, but that was beside the point. In fact that didn't matter to me at all. Patrick and I have always been connected in some way or another and I was starting to fall in love with him but that was hard to do when he was with another girl. Then there was Tyler, he was new and he was there when Pat wasn't. He let me spill my feelings to him, but I didn't know him well enough to have a relationship yet and I wasn't ready since it was right after Pat had pretty much cheated on me.

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